Outernationale: Çerikunda

Outernationale: Çerikunda

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Outernationale: Çerikunda
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Çerikunda opens new doors that introduce us to unknown sounds from Turkey, the Middle East and the Caucasus. With their mix you can not only “dust off your ears” as they say in Turkish, but also get your arms and feet moving - which is not only good for you during the long days of lockdown, but also for your neighbours  who will no longer have to hear your same old Spotify playlists on repeat.

Çerikunda is a DJ collective based in Istanbul and Berlin. Since 2006 they have been unearthing hidden intercontinental sounds, as well as bringing to light forgotten gems of popular music from Turkey with their radio shows, mixtapes, experiments and DJ Sets.


Playing tracks by Merih 2000, Cengiz Coşkuner, Ayla Algan, Ersen, Antónis Loréntzos and more.