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I Hated Being Fat

I Hated Being Fat

Do you ever feel like your external existence (aka your body) doesn’t match your internal sense of who you truly be? When I was at my highest weight, I hated being fat. When I looked at my body, I didn’t see me, I saw the hatred of my mother, the judgments of others, and it didn’t match who I knew myself to be. The fat was the cage that imprisoned me and kept abuse alive in my reality. No matter what I did to change my body, I couldn’t get rid of the weight. This isn’t a judgment about weight, it’s actually an invitation to explore what the weight on your body may actually be. What if the reason you can’t change your size and get rid of the extra weight is because that density doesn’t belong to you? What if that extra density actually belongs to other people and their judgments of you? Would you like to know how to change your body, starting today? Join us to discover a radically new and different perspective on bodies and weight.