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No Compromise! - Paul M. Williams

No Compromise! - Paul M. Williams

Matthew 13:9 The word to my heart at the start of this New Year of 2018 is “no compromise!” Where you point the finger O Lord and speak; “Thy will be done!!” You have the right to walk the corridors of my heart and to examine the secret recesses. If there are sinful attitudes and thoughts that I’ve been excusing...pride, lust, anger, envy, selfish ambition; “speak to me by name O Master, that I may acknowledge my ways and take heed to Thy word!!” No more excuses, no more compromise! You have the right to speak to me about where my priorities lie; where I relocate; where I work; what I spend my time doing; what I set before my eyes and what I listen to; the places I go and the company I keep; “no more compromise O Lord, no more excuses!!” “Who hath ears to hear, let him hear” (Mt. 13:9).  My dear Brothers and Sister, spiritual sight and hearing is to be most coveted in this our generation and we play deaf to God to our own detriment!!