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  • 3 years ago
A Liberating Perspective on Fear

A Liberating Perspective on Fear

Best Life of Your Life: Episode 3
The way most people handle fear is pretty interesting. It seems to be one of those things that most people deal with by using one of two extremes.
Attack! We let loose the roaring battle-cries: No-Fear, Have no Fear, Be Fearless, Fear is the Enemy...ugh, you get the idea
We completely submit and let it stop us from doing what we actually wanted to do. So, now what?
Sometimes people admit when fear stops them, other times they'll deny it, most of the time we're honestly oblivious because the fear is hiding in the subconscious.
We often look at a byproduct of fear and mistakenly think it was some inevitable event.
We'll say phrases like "it wasn't meant to be", "it wasn't for me", "I didn't feel comfortable".  Very often these phrases are just code for I WAS SCARED.
So what should we do about fear? Doesn't it rob us of our potential and our greatest desires? Shouldn't we crush it, smash it, obliterate it -- this is our life and fear is stopping us! Thi