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  • 3 years ago
Check Your Defaults!

Check Your Defaults!

"Mirror, Mirror: Who Am I?" (Click the link to download the eBook). Your behavior may be the reason why your life has stalled
Marriage gon’ dryJob turned into a dead endPassion, zest and zeal is nonexistent?
It may also be why you’ve been able to get ahead;
Constant promotionsBank account steadily growing…BUT people don’t really like you-they tolerate you, may even fear you (which you feed off of)You’re way too aggressive, pushy and you secretly kinda “don’t like yourself?” Most bullies don’t…

Victim mentality & bully behaviors; fear, dishonesty, pity, anger, resentment, passive/aggressive, panicky, loud, pushy…It’s what you use when you’re passed for the promotion, when someone steals your parking space or speaks over you in a meeting; THAT feeling, THAT emotion that comes over you in those moments are your defaults. Check them!
Victim=Things happen “to me.” I don’t have “ANY OTHER CHOICE.”Bully=I have to win and “You have to lose in order to justify my win!”E