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  • 4 months ago
Buzz Around China Grand Finale——Solo Travel For The Soul

Buzz Around China Grand Finale——Solo Travel For The Soul

How did Hugo make it run through the Forbidden City in Beijing in 30 minutes carrying all of his packings?
What exactly is the dry pot? Taste the hot and spicy flavor without the sweaty heat of huddling over a boiling pot of hot broth? What is UCD’s deeply immersive exchange program? How does it feel as moving beyond what is known as Waiguoren(westerner) to actually being local? How to beat the language barrier in China? What is the squat toilet(Fear no more the squatty potty)

China. The name alone makes you want to get packing. It's going places, so jump aboard, go along for the ride and see where it's headed. Wolf down Peking duck in Běijīng, melt over a Chóngqìng hotpot or grab a seasoned ròujiāmó (shredded pork in a bun) before climbing Huá Shān. Gobble down a steaming bowl of Lánzhōu noodles in a Silk Road street market, raise the temperature with some searing Húnán fare or flag down the dim sum trolley down south. Follow your nose in China and you won't want to stop traveling.