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  • 1 year ago
Rights retained by the People

Rights retained by the People

Episode 877   Rights retained by the People 

One of the reasons the US Constitution was created was to secure the rights of the people. Not that our rights come from government, but rather the recognition that our rights proceed government!!! In today's America, we seem to forget this most important point. Too many folks are trying to make everything a right, therefore nullifying actual rights!!!

The US Constitution was created because the Articles of Confederation failed. The AoC couldn't protect our rights from our own government let a lone a foreign belligerent government!!! Under the AoC, the states didn't have the means to even band together to put down a rebellion if one were to start!!!

I'm not saying that the US Constitution is perfect, but most of the folly of the federal government is do to the lack of attention by We the People. We have allowed the federal government to define it's power for itself. The States created the federal government and it is the States and the Pe