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Chestertown, United States

I live for music, film live shows, make music videos, encourage & support artists of all kinds, a muse to many, review & share the best, worked as a radio DJ but my music creations are for fun, not career. I'm a digital content creator by trade, have a diverse taste in all things music & otherwise.
A little about me personally: I love riding V-twins, grew up on/around Harley's mainly, bikes & bikers. Been away from lifestyle 10 years, every spring though I get weak knee'd & breathy when the HD's rumble by without me on them! I can drive one only on 1st gear so far, heh. Too afraid to drop it (friend's bike), or too uncoordinated to remember shift with feet, hand accelerate AND brake. I learned a stick easier than this--a 13-speed dump truck no less! Sheesh.
I've been single since 2002, hard to meet a good guy these days, or good friends locally either. Hope that changes this year as I'm getting back to health, laughter, life, live music, social events, & more.