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Abnormal Future Happiness Recording (AviDisc 1  [12_ 99])

Abnormal Future Happiness Recording (AviDisc 1 [12_ 99])

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1 (from Disorient Showa_64 - Sounds Of The East Mixed In The West [missing disk]), 2 (AviMix #1) Abnormal Future Happiness Recording, Pizzicato 5, Bjork, 5 Steady and more.

it was december of 99, i'd been spinning regular-like for about 2 and a half years (as a gig), and during that time, the information-lag just between n.y. to chicago to l.a. about what was 'going on,' (and vice-versa) was a ... hit-and-miss miss-mash , never-mind "the rest of the world," so out here, firming up 'genre-labels' was just beginning to clearly disseminate out from indie record strong-holds like Aron's Records and Even the Rhino label's h.q. shop on the west side, down through the smaller stores ('round Melrose and Vermont Aves.), and up INTO the big "Superstores", Virgin, Tower ... the dinosaurs that didn't know they were already on the flying-high-road to extinction ... so it was right at the beginning of that month that a bunch of otherwise disparate directions of tunes-prowling drew together, along with a lone, mysterious, 2-CD set (no track/artist listings on the packaging, just sort of sitting, prominently out there in the odd boarder-rack area bridging genres


David Charles Avi Leidner

It's been eleven year now since this mix, but it was the first one i ever made with an intention of burning off multiple copies (like 20 back then ... with a burner that only still wrote at 2X speed, and the computer couldn't be doing anything else or the burn would error-out), years later when trying to recompile and archive my mixes, i found that i couldn't find an undamaged copy of this one, and the master bounce track had already gotten half-noised along the way, so the most-complete i had it was up to about the 65-minute point (the aif i'd been using to blind-spin against on one deck in some of the Dream-Soundcloud experiments. It was just less than 18 hours ago now, that this totally untouched, copy turned up while doing another archiving job for the O-11 cloud. It was left-out it looks like, because the writing from the blank CDR popped through the art. Strange world indeed ...