14- La Countrygramola (Septiembre 2022)

14- La Countrygramola (Septiembre 2022)

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14- La Countrygramola (Septiembre 2022)
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Scott Haggard - Beer Me Up Scotty (2022)
Beer Me Up Scotty

Dominick Michael - Times Have Changed (2022)
Crawl Right Back To Me / Searchin' For the First Time

Alex Key - Neon Signs and Stained Glass (2022)
Turn Anywhere Into a Honky Tonk

Bobby Mackey - Let Me Drink About It (2022)
Let Me Drink About It

Ellis Bullard - Piss-Hot Freightlining Country Music (2022)
Biloxi By Two / Stubborn Man

Marjorie Senet And The Broken-Home Boys - Break the Habit (2022)
Sugar Daddy

Jake Penrod - Million-Dollar Cowboy (2022)
I Bet She Hasn’t Cried / In The Corner, At The Table, By The Jukebox

Mike Hughes - Honky Tonkin' Fool (2022)
Honky Tonkin' Fool

Headin' Home Bluegrass - Down Where the Grass Is Blue (2022)
Train 45

Emily Nenni - On The Ranch (2022)
On The Ranch

Tex Deegan - Take These Chains (2022)
Take These Chains

Sweaty Lamarr - A Little Bit Cuntry, a Little Bit Rock & Roll (2022)
Brass Ring

BlackFields - Im Always Right Behind You Honey .....

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