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Barcelona, Spain

You’ll find that within moments of meeting Mugen or just
listening to any of his output, every ounce of his essence is music.
He walks with a nonchalant rhythm you can almost hear: He gesticulates
with the energy of a conductor; he strings words and sentences
together with the improvisational fluidity of a song and he
dynamically converses with an enchanting bounce as though he’s playing
a game of verbal football. Not surprising as he grew up living and
breathing music, surrounded by a family of music makers and lovers.
Having an older brother who has also persued a career in spinning
tunes was a big influence in his musical development.
Growing up in a vital and vibrant Buenos Aires, many Porteños grow up
with an inner sense of beat—hearing the music on a daily basis,
knowing the rhythm of the music, moving to the music, engaging in
rhythmic play. An overwhelming need to harness the rhythm began at 14...

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