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A Straight Line with Robert Guffey

A Straight Line with Robert Guffey

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Author Robert Guffey shares his strange but true tale of invisible spies, heroin addiction, and Homeland $ecurity.

Plus some thoughts on conspiracy theory up front from me.

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Deb Warren

Great interview, will put on my blog.

SAIC is psychotronic central ... mind control tech. ET abduction discusses openly as mind control tech in Dr. Steven Greer "False Flag" webinar nNv 13, 2016

Joseph P. Farrell is very good to read on all these topics (including 33 degree Scottish Rite Free Masonry).. I am currently reading his "Unified Field Theory" where he talks about the "Philadelphia" experiment in Sept. 1943 .... a thorough treatment of the subject ... US Navy Research working with Einstein were trying to put electro-magnetic field around a destroyer to"deflect"t torpedoes... the eventual final test was at sea at full power while shepherding a convoy across the Atlantic ... unexpectedly the ship AND some of the crew became invisible. The destroyer was launched from Newark, NJ ...not Philadelphia? Proof of concept tests were done along the shore of Norfolk, Virginia. It was called the "Philadelphia" experiment because after the event at sea, some of the crew members kept becoming invisible... there was a short newspaper report of a bar room brawl that occurred in Philadelphia and the waitress saw several of the Navy men go invisible. One scientist who confirmed many of the details went into permanent hired due to fear of being murdered.

Essentially, the tech accesses hyper-dimensional realms.

Dr. Steven Greer has done two CSETI ET Contact events at Rio Rico, Arizona (many people in the 200 person audience were US military) ... Greer's security found military ransacking their hotel rooms, chased them down the halls, reached a dead end only to find that the person they were chasing had disappeared.
Cheers, Deb