Art-Iculate on Secklow Sounds - 11-01-13

Art-Iculate on Secklow Sounds - 11-01-13

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Art-Iculate on Secklow Sounds - 11-01-13

Tim chats to Caz Tricks (yes she's being interviewed herself for a change) about the wonderful up and coming Open Theatre Group - past and future projects and also Caz's role as AGMK's Drama Panel Chair and future plans there and lots of other bits and bobs. Tim also chats to Helen Parlor - contemporary dancer/choreographer/producer about her current projects - Rosemary Lee's Cathedral of Trees IF 2014 and her Close Distance tour. Also her involvement in the Para Olympic opening ceremony and as Co-Chair of the AGMK Dance Panel and the first AGMK Dance Festival last year! + lots of great music as usual! Enjoy! Tune in live to the Secklow Sounds Art-Iculate show every Friday 10am to Midday! -


Playing tracks by Pearl Handled, Long John Laundry, Steve Winch, Broadway Twisters, Nicky Prince and more.