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  • 3 years ago
AP #0X : Accelerate Proton Decay

AP #0X : Accelerate Proton Decay

Edgar & Bill talk about Plato's Republic, the flag of Brown County, Nebraska; Dyson Spheres and related megastructures, #TeamLiquorice, and the terrifying nature of tiny, tiny holes. Enjoy!Subscribe via iTUNES or RSSDiscuss this EpisodeSHOW NOTES:Follow Up:Counting in Base 12New Star TrekJeffery Combs aka WeyounNapoleonTemeraire SeriesCerberus0225 on Math-buildingPlato's RepublicConstructing Planetary SystemsSuggest topicsS**t Flag Corner:Brown County, Nebraska!DPRK (BC Remix)Kingdom of BrainBinlandC.G.P BrownBIRELANDHistory of IrelandDyson Spheres:Dyson SpheresFreeman DysonKurzgesagtKardashev scale / Fermi Paradox 1Kardashev scale / Fermi Paradox 2  Dyson BubbleMatrioshka BrainShkadov Thruster (Stellar Engine)Handwavia and DagerKlemperer RosetteTopopolisO'Neill CylinderGreat Mambo Chicken & the Transhuman ConditionCryonicsTransmetropolitanGreen Room:Email BillSeven Men from GasconySome Military UniformsKids vs. Food - Salmiakki#TeamLiquoriceTrypophobia/r/trypophobiaA