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Tiny Nukes for Tiny Hands

Tiny Nukes for Tiny Hands

The Trump Administration is reportedly mulling the development of new "low yield" nuclear weapons in its Nuclear Posture Review. But is this really new? Or is it that we just don't trust the Trump Administration with sharp objects, let alone the bomb.   Jeffrey and Aaron discuss the recent history of proposals for new nuclear weapons, including low-yield ones, as well as how partisan framing and foreign perceptions may matter more than the technical reality.   Links of Note: Bryan Bender, "Trump review leans toward proposing mini-nuke," Politico, September 9, 2016.    Olga Oliker, Russia’s Nuclear Doctrine: What We Know, What We Don’t, and What That Means, CSIS, 2016.   Steven Young, "Just How New is the New, Nuclear-armed Cruise Missile?" UCS, 2016.    Lewis Dunn et al, Foreign Perceptions on U.S. Nuclear Policy and Posture, SAIC, 2006.