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The Graveyard Shift 1-22-2013

The Graveyard Shift 1-22-2013

KASC The Blaze 1330 AM's Tuesday night extreme metal radio show, The Graveyard Shift. You can listen in as John and Tom play the most brutal, grim, and grotesque music of the metal underground, every Tuesday night from 9-11pm. This week's playlist:
Usurper - "The Ruins Of Gomorrah"
Vader "Blood Of Kingu"
Crebain "Legion"
Cryptopsy "Slit Your Guts"
Marduk "Temple Of Decay"
Grave "Passion Of The Weak"
Krieg "And The Stars Fell On"
Demilich "The Planet That Once Used To Absorb Flesh"
Leviathan "VI-XI-VI"
Immolation "Towards Earth"
Nidingr "Makhashanah"
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace "Throatless Sirens"
Behexen "Night Of The Blasphemy"
Abominable Putridity "Lack Of Oxygen"
Emperor "Thorns On My Grave"
Phobia "Revolt Your Life"
Mutilation Rites "Ancient Blood Oath"
Exhumed "As Hammer To Anvil"
Twilight "8,000 Years"
Suffocation "Torn Into Enthrallment"

Featuring a special call from a loyal listener all the way out in the frosty north.