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Why pleasing God is easier and more beneficial than pleasing the world?

Why pleasing God is easier and more beneficial than pleasing the world?

God is often considered as a hard task-master because He/She is a perfectionist. However, there is a very important difference between how God judges us and how Man judges us. That difference clearly shows why it is easier to please God. The same difference also makes us understand the meaning of the statement - "All are equal in the eyes of God."

But should I choose to please God simply because it is easier to do that over pleasing the world? No! The greatest benefit of doing things to please God is the supreme peace that develops in our heart. This happens because of an important perspective-difference that doing things for God brings in.

With a couple of personal experiences and a couple of other student experiences, this talk focuses on why and how can one please God. This is a talk delivered in the Satsangh Hall in Prasanthi Nilayam on 19th February, 2015.


Kishore kumar p

Thank you for the beautiful speech and experience with swami and dreams also very beautiful.

Jean Sugathadasa

Thank you Aravind for that beautiful talk with a most true and powerful message! It just came at a very opportune moment in time!

Aravind Balasubramanya

Glad ... Sairam

Pam Singh
Pam Singh

I only know god is pure truth and lovenever mind what I stick to him totally. I know god has eyes on me at all time and that is why swami is so dear to me. Atthe endit is only swami within me love you swami

Poornima Srinath

Sairam aravind, I just finished listening to your talk on its easy to please god. It was absolutely mesmerising as you might say easily that it was swami who spoke not me. .but for the audience to feel that I am not sure if it is easy..I felt it was swami speaking in your talk. Lot of deep insights were there to relate.Praise definitely for Him who is so active in you and motivating us. A thought that is urging me is that for this to happen you as an individual have a clean vessel or room which is your body and that like how silver if exposed to be in contact with gold will absorb the properties of gold .. your talks on swami has reached a different heights. I have not heard your talks for a long time now and I feel there is huge difference. This does not mean you were not good but its a feeling that too much polishing has happened. :)

Aravind Balasubramanya

Thank you so much sister Poornima... Felt very touched reading your message...