Apples and Snakes: Assembly - Women's Suffrage 1/3

Apples and Snakes: Assembly - Women's Suffrage 1/3

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Apples and Snakes: Assembly - Women's Suffrage 1/3
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Imprisoned and force fed for wanting the vote. Listen to Apples and Snakes: Assembly on the first wave of women’s suffrage featuring Stockton based women’s writing group the TWP and Apples and Snakes’ producer in the North Kirsten Luckins. Edited by Jay Sykes.



There is an extraordinary quality to this recording, which weaves intriguingly together the voices with such skill! At first I was surprised, then almost annoyed, but finally glad to be challenged to catch everything. This creativity in the programme mirrors that in the poems. The repetition of phrases and themes, sometimes in the background, sometimes up front, is like music. Each 'instrument' plays its part in carrying it all forward. I really think you are teaching/leading the listener into a new way of experiencing. For that many thanks, as well as congratulations! I expect others will catch on more quickly than I could to all these strands, but I hope every listener finds it is good! I'm left wanting to listen again and also wanting to experience the poems individually more closely. If I'm wrong, please forgive my rambling on - but thank you all again for producing such a fine 'symphonic poem'! Francis