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London, United Kingdom

Director, Dad and Dancer from back in the day! For many years I recorded my favourite DJ mix shows broadcast on mainly Pirate radio stations such as LWR, KISS FM, CHOICE FM. I always taped mix shows as they meant less time cutting out the DJ talking!

I'm now digging in the 'tape crates' to share the work of the well known and forgotten DJ heroes of the radio who along with the clubs exposed me to some great music over the years. My tapes start in the 80's and go through to the 90's to the early 00's.

I've lived through, Soul, Funk, Jazz-funk, Rare Groove, Electro, Hip Hop, House, Acid House, Hip-House, Speed Garage, UK Garage and my tapes cover all these genres and others.

I would always ask my DJ friends for mix tapes - JC | If Music, Rap | Black Market , so I'll be uploading those as I find them as well. I hope you enjoy. Shout outs and Respect to the Artists, DJ's, and Radio stations featured. They were unique times. I salute you!