Dance Yearmix 2022

Dance Yearmix 2022

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Dance Yearmix 2022
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Hello and happy x-mas to everyone out there. Another year is over and it's time for the Dance Yearmix. A few words about it: In my opinion, this year was a rather bad one after 2 musically good years. There were no real top tracks or earworms for me. Lots of ballads and slow tracks, little danceable. I have hardly found enough good tracks to be able to work easily. In the end, the mix actually turned out pretty decent. Happy listening and enjoying..


Playing tracks by 1. Intro, 2. Mariah Carey, 3. Lena, 4. James Arthur, 5. Harry Styles and more.

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Edwin Augustijn



Great mix! Thanx!!!

Brother Louis

A Happy and blessed Newyear to you and yes , i did put your mix on


Tip to the next yearmix then, if you can`t find good dance tracks. Find the remix / dance version, like Dj Flim Flam was in his mixes ;-) Yearmixes is so boring when the start always is slow tracks, RNB and hip hop.