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  • 2 months ago
Now That's What I Call REAL Music PT5

Now That's What I Call REAL Music PT5

PT5. snippet compilation of some of the brilliant artists that are featured on Take half an hour of your spare time, check them out, follow, share, like and buy if possible. All links available below and the full track list can be found at


White Lion Radio

Playing "Transcend" myself on tomorrows i-Select show, a brilliant atmospheric synth track, also playing Stereo In Solo, you have great tastes my friend :)

"Docking Bay Nine", that pad sound wow, excellent track, not come across Endeleas before, I have a lot of time for Mind Machine and their remix album is superb, I am featuring 3 tracks off it on tomorrows i-Select show. Not heard of Millennium Falck before, Nature Of Wires are a great band, powerful sound, "Madame Serena" for me is one of their best tracks. I enjoyed the Frisky Monkey track, a band I haven't come across before, "Jupiters Touch" was an impressive track, superb synths, a bit like Jean Michel Jarre. The Logan Sky & Steven Jones track, very dark electronica. "Stay Forever" excellent synthpop track. "These Walls" for some reason reminded me of the track "Popcorn"! "Last Kiss Goodbye", now you're talking, a brillian Yazoo inspired track, will certainly be investigating that band. The Sea Of Sin track was fabulous and in my playlist for next months show.

Wasn't sure about the track "Before I fall", reminded me of Buggles :) "Back In Time", loved the track "Back In Time", very retro. Played "The Space We Occupy" on my show last month a wonderful track. I think Mika's last single "Take It Or leave It", is one of the very best tracks released in 2019 so far, a good follow up to.

"Lost Shore" had elements of OMD, Depeche Mode and New Order, another excellent remix by Fused on "Hum", a good closing track by Luscious 235.

A fine selection of the latest in independent synthpop music.

Revival Synth

Thanks for the brilliant feedback Gary and thanks for listening. I have to agree with you on 'Before I Fall', I had to listen a few times to get the gist of it, Sparks meets Buggles with some orchestral synth thrown in. Interesting album all the same ;-)

Full Eclipse

Great selection of tracks here. Beautiful mix. Cheers!

Revival Synth

Thanks as always Mike ;-)

Fonz Tramontano

Big thank you mate. Awesome set

Revival Synth

Pleasure Fonz. Thanks for your support too ;-)

Thierry Noritop

Thanks so much RevivalSynth for playing STEREO in SOLO "Secret Secret" remixed by DJ Le Max !!!
Full version on YouTube:

Revival Synth

always a pleasure Thierry ;-)

Revival Synth


0.00 - 1.02 1. The Ocean Beneath - Transcend
1.02 - 2.01 2. STEREO in SOLO - "Secret Secret" (DJ Le Max Extended Remix)
2.01 - 3.05 3. Endeleas - Docking Bay Nine
3.05 - 3.54 4. Mind Machine - Further Than Far (Frozen Plasma Remix)
3.54 - 4.46 5. Millennium Falck - Why won’t you love me now
4.46 - 5.52 6. Nature of Wires - Madame Serena
5.52 - 7.02 7. Frisky Monkey - The Origin of Sadness
7.02 - 8.06 8. A.GE - Jupiters Touch
8.06 - 9.06 9. Logan Sky & Steven Jones - Dark Projections
9.06 - 10.07 10. Into The Blood - Stay Forever
10.07 - 11.12 11. Elevate the Sky feat. Dana Jean Phoenix - These Walls (Tom Selica Remix)
11.12 - 12.11 12. Tramontano Music - Last Kiss Goodbye
12.11 - 13.12 13. Sea of Sin - You
13.12 - 14.11 14. Digital Observations - Before I Fail
14.11 - 15.22 15. Blackpoole - Back In Time
15.22 - 16.08 16. The Truth Sounds Different - The Space We Occupy
16.08 - 17.18 17. Mika Ella - Free Like Amsterdam
17.18 - 18.34 18. Danny Madigan - Lost Shore
18.34 - 19.45 19. Melodywhore - Hum (Fused’s Love Shield Remix)
19.45 -21.47 20. Luscious-235 - New Year’s Day