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  • 2 months ago
Now That's What I Call REAL Music PT4

Now That's What I Call REAL Music PT4

PT4. snippet compilation of some of the brilliant artists that are featured on Take half an hour of your spare time, check them out, follow, share, like and buy if possible. All links available below and the full track list can be found at


White Lion Radio

Not come across Flamingo Jones before but what an excellent track. Loved "Life Source", especially those beautiful warm Pad sounds. I am very familiar of Jonteknik's work and featured his music many times over the years, a very talented guy. You are certainly introducing me to plent of new bands on this mix, a mention for Eli Raybon, his track "Star Child" was outstanding. The singer on "Set Me Free" sounded a little like Kylie, great track again. The Robot's Dance track had a great synth riff (Not come across them before either!)

"Night Sky Gatherings", brilliant piece of electronica. Good to see Mark's track with Kay featured, very impressed with his music and his remix work is truly outstanding. The Dark Smoke Signal track was very atmospheric and very enjoyable. "Come Back" was very 80s, "Chill Garden" was a fine ambient chillout track. "Dreaming Lights" reminded me of the power pop tracks from the 80s. I really liked the closing track "Memento Mori" too.

A great mix Andy and a good way of introducing people to new music, got some of your other shows favourited so will certainly be giving them a play.

Revival Synth

Thanks for the feedback Gary. It's criminal that some of these tracks just fade off into the music abyss :( I was away for a few days and the Flamingo Jones track was stuck in my head all the time, amazing track! Night Sky Gatherings, that sort of instrumental puts me on another planet, love instrumentals! Yeah, a good blend of unheard indie artists given a chance to be heard in some form, that's what we're all about mate. Keep up the good work with your amazing shows too ;-)

Revival Synth

1. Flamingo Jones - To The Lakeside
1.30 2. LuminAnthem - LifeSource
2.57 3. Electrosexual - Break You Nice / How could it be
4.37 4. Jonteknik - Mount Etna
5.55 5. Jigsaw Sequence - Frankenstein Complex
6.50 6. Eli Raybon - Star Child
8.32 7. Night Vision - Set Me Free (Omegagon Remix)
10.01 8. Personality - I Know Your Number (feat. Oceanside85)
11.31 9. Man With Glasses - Welcome To Lucy
12.25 10. Robot’s Last Dance - Eidetic Memory
13.45 11. Bonggita - Brood Awakening (feat Govinda)
15.12 12. Biodiode - Night Sky Gatherings
16.45 13. Fused feat Kay Burden - Tear Me To Pieces (Fascination Mix)
18.31 14. Dark Smoke Signal - First Date At Starcourt Mall
19.59 15. Bunny X - Come Back
21.46 16. DXO - Sunset Vibes
23.10 17. The Million Echoes - Chill Garden
24.45 18. Crimson Arcane - Dreaming Lights
26.05 19. Honey Beard - Momento Mori