SENSES - Part 1

SENSES - Part 1

1 year ago
SENSES - Part 1

Happy New Year ! Wish you all the best for 2023.
Start for me with a new soundtrack, LP2.0 called « SENSES »  , a tricky word around sensitivity and meaning in French « sens »…Maybe a way to really connect emotions, feelings with who we are.
A quest of meaning…Maybe The Quest. I don’t know…Anyway, here we go for a deep ambient piece :) <3 I hope you will enjoy it !
More precisely, Senses help to understand the meaning… It’s like a path from outside to inside, inners I mean…I want to discover what my emotions are talking about… The five Senses (I’m not sure about the only « five Senses ») are converters… They bring us the meaning…but maybe sometimes it’s like code…a great journey again :)

composed and produced by Anam Gu Anam


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Guido's Lounge Café

Beautiful :)

Anam Gu Anam

Thanks a lot Guido ! ! :) :)