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  • 12 years ago
Segment Sixteen

Segment Sixteen

Grand Admiral Lige seeks terms from the Elders to establish some relationship between the occupying AmerIndian Confederacy and the UDA. Stormseeker refuses to give any concessions. Lige gives the signal to his body tank troops hidden in his shuttle. Wovoka takes Lige captive and Jaret challenges Wovoka to a duel after releasing Potlatch Weaver. Jaret bests Wovoka, but then decides to stay with the AmerIndian confederacy at the behest of Alexa Sullivan. Now betrayed by Jaret, Lige releases the Anthra Sweet virus on Naanac and retreats in his shuttle. Wovoka gives the order to detonate a nuclear device on the surface of Naanac to stop the virus from spreading. He is knocked out by Stormseeker and lifted off the planet in a shuttle. Stormseeker dies with 1,000 other tribals carrying out Wovoka's detonation order. As prophesied, Wovoka is banished for his choice to use a Nagasphere as a weapon against his own people. Wolf Plume is chosen as the Nez Perce chief and Keokuk elects to remain o