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  • 12 years ago
Segment Fourteen

Segment Fourteen

Celetain Prax finishes gathering power from the

assembled tribals, absorbing energy and momentum from

the dying pillar dancers. She releases the power of

the Ghost Dance, which powers down all 1,400 UDA prime

ships in Naanac orbit as well as shutting down the

power grids on all eight UDA colonies and all eight

hundred outposts. Wolf Plume views the effects of the

Ghost Dance (including the loss of power in his own AC

ships) and sends a body tank team by sail ship to

investigate one of the stilled UDA prime ships. Tribal

Autumn Sky leads a body tank team into one of the

stilled UDA ships to find all of the UDA soldiers

dead. Wovoka addresses gathered tribals on Naanac.

AmerIndian Confederacy elders plan a response to the

next UDA action. Admiral Lige presents the captured

AmerIndian Confederacy founder, Potlatch Weaver, to

UDA President Sullivan. Lige demands and claims the

UDA title of Grand Admiral from Ramus. UDA President

Sullivan's daughter, Alexa, meets with Octa