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? The Biggest Problem Children Face Today…

? The Biggest Problem Children Face Today…

It can cause stomach issues, headaches, decreased appetite, anxiety, irritability, and depression among other things, but it’s not a physical problem it’s psychological, and it can be prevented.

One in three US school children have reported being bullied according to the Department of Health and Human Services, and bullying can not only cause a child to miss days of school, but it can also result in many physical and psychological problems. Some children sadly have even committed suicide.

Jenna Smith is an Ontological Coach and Shamanic Intuitive and she has a lot to say about bullying and some things parents and schools can do to stop and prevent it. She has written a course that helps people get in touch with their feelings and helps them work out the problems in their life.

One of the signs a child is being bullied is the child may have a personality change. They may be more introverted than usual or the opposite, they may become an extrovert. They may start being withdrawn and s