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Sexual Healing with Authentic Tantra

Sexual Healing with Authentic Tantra

There is a deep sexual wound in the psyche of many people around the world. We’ve been taught that sex is dirty, shameful and even sinful. And yet, our sexual energy is the most potent and restorative energy we possess as humans! Healthy, shame free sexual expression is vital to the health and wellness of body, mind and spirit.

I believe it is time to heal the collective wounds and misconceptions around sexuality. There is no need for people to suffer in silence nor is there a need for them to get erroneous sex education through porn. One solution is through the healing practice of true Tantra.

It’s important to understand that all Tantra is not the same. So to explain the real deal on what tantra is and isn’t I had an intimate conversation with Devi Ward. Listen in with an open mind and discover how you can liberate more of your authentic sexual self.

Devi Ward is the Creator and Founder of Authentic Tantra™, a Sexual Healing Modality rooted in the Tibetan Five Element Tantric Teac