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  • 2 years ago
Law Enforcement In The Digital Age, Lt Sutton Meets Orwell

Law Enforcement In The Digital Age, Lt Sutton Meets Orwell

Law enforcement is use to chasing after bad guys that they can see... but how about the ones committing crimes without even leaving their homes? These crooks scam people from the other side of the globe and seem to be getting away with it time after time. As the dollar amounts stolen keep adding up, what is law enforcement to do?

There is facial recognition programs now operating in 26 police departments but since they don’t know how these cyber criminals even look it may be useless to even use. Other criminals even know how to foil the facial recognition cameras! The FBI claims facial recognition is crucial to catching terrorists - but aren’t they the ones who let the San Bernardino and Ft Lauderdale terrorists slip right through their fingers?!

We will discuss law enforcement in today’s digital age with our guest Lt. Randy Sutton who served for over 30 years in law enforcement on the George Orwell 2084 show.

Lt. Randy Sutton, Retired Las Vegas Metro PD is a 34 year Law Enforcement