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  • 2 years ago
If Your Nerves Are Shot …

If Your Nerves Are Shot …

Ever wonder why your stomach hurts or your knees start shaking, or perhaps your hands get sweaty when you feel a bit nervous? Curious as to why some people never seem to be well? Or, why even health fanatics who eat right, exercise, sleep good, etc.. still have health problems despite doing everything they can to be healthy?
The Vagus nerve is one of the main nerves of your body - so much, that it can impact and change your entire outlook. It connects the brain to most of the rest of the body and when activated by stress - it sends stress signals throughout your system. This signal can cause your knees to shake and your hands to tremble. The Vagus nerve is the nerve that manages the stress response in your body. It can cause you to feel stressed or relaxed. The body has to be able to release this stress or it will eventually get sick if this stress gets stuck in our energy field.
Could this be the missing link in healthcare today?
Judith Johnson, the developer of the Energetic Clearing