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  • 1 year ago
#15 Robots Will Rule The World

#15 Robots Will Rule The World

Like a slow moving asteroid at 25 kilometers per second; the robot revolution may appear like the tortoise in that famous race - but we all know how that turned out! Artificial intelligence is all the craze now; far more than just pizza delivery by drone, driver-less cars and that cute little robotic toy you gave the kids last Christmas.

How will humans adapt to this new society of automation on-demand? How do we go about replacing the millions of jobs that our metal-friends will gleefully take over? Will there ever come a time that robots take over government? Will humans ever lose control of robots as they become smarter than us? What about the sexual revolution of intimacy on-demand - robot style! Pay close attention to this one friends - you've been warned!

Co-hosts Author Ava Armstrong and Dr. Andrea Pennington deliver the female perspective as only they can...  they even go as far as to assure Malcolm that he can never be replaced. Only the fittest will survive this conversatio