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  • 1 year ago
10 Tips for Overcoming the Holiday Blues Anytime of Year

10 Tips for Overcoming the Holiday Blues Anytime of Year

For many people this time of year is a time of family, fun, and excitement – you can feel it in the air! But for others it’s a time of sadness, depression and loneliness, whether they’re grieving over a loss of a loved one or recently gone through a divorce or tough breakup with a significant other this is a time of year they dread. And sometimes it’s just the stress of it all that can cause the holiday blues. If you're suffering from the holiday blues, then you’ll want to listen as Mark Sichel gives several tips on how to overcome them and make the most of this holiday season.

Mark Sichel is a Psychotherapist in New York City and the author of “Healing from Family Rifts: Ten Steps to Finding Peace, After Being Cut Off From a Family Member” He has extensive experience in helping people heal from life’s most difficult problems. His article in Psychology Today, called, “Ten Tips to Beat the Holiday Blues” is a very interesting read.

Some solutions Mark suggests in overcoming the holida