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Episode 10 - LBJ and the Great Society

Episode 10 - LBJ and the Great Society

On episode 10 of
American History Too! we arrive at the tumultuous 1960s.  To help us better understand this
controversial decade, Malcolm assumes host duties as Mark guides us through the
presidency of Lyndon Johnson and his ambitious search for the ‘Great
Society’.  What did Johnson mean by a
‘Great Society’?  What did he
achieve?  And why did he leave the
presidency as a ‘broken and dispirited’ figure? 
And what in the world does a bill about rat extermination have to do
with all of this?   

Serious academic rigour aside, we engage in a discussion
about the tallest and shortest presidents, Mark (briefly and horribly) attempts
a Southern accent, while Malcolm marvels in the historical amnesia of ‘Guns or
Butter’ advocates.

Finally, we depart to the dulcet tones of one-hit wonder and
apparent crystal ball owner, Barry McGuire, wand his eerily accurate 1965 song,
‘Eve of De [...]