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Kundalini and Healing with Chrism, Kundalini Expert

Kundalini and Healing with Chrism, Kundalini Expert

Saturday, October 10th, we welcome Chrism back to the show. We have so much more to discuss! We'll open with discussion on Healing and see what the conversion goes. Chrism is a Kundalini expert with several years of experiences to back his authenticity. When you go to his yahoo group where he offers free Shaktipat and advise on a safe Kundalini awakening you will see and feel this authenticity for yourself. Here is what Chrism says about himself via his beautiful Kundalini website: "who is chrism? My name is chrism ....... I am another person like you, a consciousness clothed in flesh... I do not claim knowledge of the writings or activities of any ancient lineage or sacred text. I do claim the information received as is gifted to me by the expanded awareness of the Kundalini........ I'm a person without social portfolio. I live in a trailer, in the USA, and work amongst the masses....... I teach the Kundalini and activate those who clearly are ready. I radiate Kundalini and it radiate