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S5E27: Coaching Q&A With Dean Jones - Called to Coach

S5E27: Coaching Q&A With Dean Jones - Called to Coach

Dean Jones is the principal architect of Gallup's global client learning strategy. Dean consults with clients on strategic solutions to address key business issues, including organizational development, performance management, learning and development, productivity and workforce effectiveness.

“Ask me anything with Dean” Day

Training and education at Gallup in 2018?
· We spend a lot of time thinking about the future
· We’re working on the set of second-level coach development opportunities
· The first level/grounding stuff is what makes up the ASC course
o We never intended for this to be it
o But is does give you a lot of stuff to work with
· The intention is to be able to then have new second-level stuff – where do you go next?
· The Advanced Strengths Coaching course
o Two pilots:
§ 2016 – 1 day on developmental milestones (1 pilot)
§ 2017 – 2 days (two pilots)
o Started with developmental milestones that came from conversations wi