Ali B - Oh Shit! (Paradise) Vol. 1

Ali B - Oh Shit! (Paradise) Vol. 1

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Ali B - Oh Shit! (Paradise) Vol. 1
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Ali B

The weekly Saturday night Paradise sessions in West London have gone from strength to strength since I started the night around two years ago with the sole purpose of bringing the funk back to the mean streets of London. We've had all sorts of folks playing their alternative selections down there, mostly unannounced as well it becoming a regular hang-out for the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Lilly Allen and Paul Weller (yep he actually showed up one night with a bag of records!). This is a little mix I put together to represent the night....enjoy!


Playing tracks by Fred Wesley, Dawson Smith, Boca 45, The Osmonds, Mark Ronson and more.



Definitive proof that new releases, and hit tracks have nothing to do with proficient craftsmanship. Ali B unleashed the posssible upon the world. The only rules, are your personal experiences, and the story you want to tell. Bravo Sir.


The mix whereupon I discovered an entirely new genre of music and would change the course of my DJing from this point forward. Gratitude always to you for playing a part in my music genre discovery. You played an important part.

Steven Mitchell

Another ripper💥💥💥👊👊


In quar all i listen to is your mixes. So much life.!big ups , respect, and gratitude .

Danil  Yurkov


Arbel Teitelbaoum

oh shit its so f*cking good!

Joan Wilbur Patin

Can't get enough!! Love it!!!


Ooooh Shit, indeed my friend!! Awesome mix!!! :D

David Garcia

Completely awesome! Inspiring! ONPOINT! My new training Music! Dammmmmmm! Shit!!!!

Mudra László

Big up for the whole series!

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