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Radio Nordsee International =>> The Story Of Who Do You Think You're Kidding Mr Wilson <<= June 1970

Radio Nordsee International =>> The Story Of Who Do You Think You're Kidding Mr Wilson <<= June 1970

There are 3 items here:
1. A direct copy of a rare acetate disc of Radio Nordsee International's (RNI) pirate radio anthem from June 1970 "Who Do You Think You're Kidding Mr Wilson" when RNI's broadcasts were being jammed by the then UK Labour government, whose Prime Minister was Harold Wilson and Minister of Posts & Telecomms. was John Stonehouse.
2. A (2m40s) recording of RNI's prog. director, Larry Tremaine, explaining how "Who Do You Think You're Kidding Mr Wilson" came to be created.
3. A 60 min. BBC Radio Devon prog. "The Radio Election", broadcast on 01.01.2011, about the part played by RNI in the 1970 general election. Programme written, produced & presented by Paul Rowley.

More about "Who Do You Think You're Kidding Mr Wilson":

More about Mr. John Stonehouse:


Fred Bunzl
Fred Bunzl

Since uploading this clip, several of you have asked: Who exactly were the people singing in the studio when "Who Do You Think You're Kidding Mr Wilson" was recorded?
I've been doing a little research ...

First, we know that Larry Tremaine says in this upload that he got "... 8-10 of the best recording groups in England together ... at that recording session ...".
When I put the question to Larry in May 2014, he said: "... it is still difficult for me to name names! I do not know the legal issues and I realize that it was 45 years ago, but some statutes may still be in effect. When I speak to my lawyers about my adventures, they say... don't get yourself in trouble, as they might not let you into GB one of these days."

Next, I have found just two other people who confirm that they were themselves present at this recording session:
(1) Sherri Lynn (real name: Brenda Pidduck) says she was present at the recording:
She says : "... the programme director of RNI, Larry Tremaine ... was working out of one of the offices at Beacon Records ... in London. One day Larry asked me if I would like to participate in the recording of a song called “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE KIDDING, HAROLD WILSON?” ... I jumped at the opportunity and it was a night to remember ... from what I remember of it, probably about 30+ of us enthusiastically singing the song which is now posted on YouTube:
However, on that Youtube page, she says: " ... I was there at the recording of that song! ... It was a lot of FUN!! I can't remember to be 100% sure ... but ... As I recall, there were about 10 of us in the studio...or perhaps slightly more."

(2) RNI DJ Mark Wesley has said online that: "There were a small group of us singing over the original recording which was played back to us through headphones. Amongst those singing were: George Lazenby, Ronan O'Rahilly, Larry Tremaine and myself. I'm struggling to think who else was there ... In all probability, whoever was on-leave with me at the time, and in London, may well have been in the studio too."
A few days ago I contacted Mark with your question and he replied:
"I was there, Alfred and no groups were present. There were about 6 individuals including George Lazenby, Ronan O'Rahilly, Larry and one or two others."

IMHO, in the very nature of things, this recording would likely have been organised at very short notice ... assuming it was indeed Larry's idea, it would have been necessary to act very fast to book recording date/time at IBC and then rush the disc(s) out to the Mebo II in time for the election campaign... it seems to me unlikely there would have been time to assemble any groups (well-known or not) unless there were any who recorded for Beacon Records, who happened to be around on the date, which I guess was about late April or May 1970 ...

Chris Dannatt

Not heard this docco before - Well done Paul.

Chris Rainbow

this was a very important part of pirate radio history.

John Hatch
John Hatch

Funnily enough, I have "The Radio Election" on my P.C already...