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Alexander Padei

Miami, United States

Hey guys, I'm Alexander Pade/DJ Padei. I spin House, Progressive, Tech House, Electro, Nu Disco, etc., with a high energy, big room focus. On the other hand, I'm also a closeted Deep house fan! I'm a proud Bostonian, so shout out if you're around or from around here. I've been producing on and off, as well. I'll dig in my heels and focus on the producing, soon.

Meanwhile, I'll be leaving intermittent live mixes on my soundcloud and featuring upcoming DJ's music, as well. I love when a producer shows me their new stuff and consider it an honor to add their mix to a set, so please let me know!

Remember, I really appreciate it when I get a like and especially a comment. I like hearing what you think. If I'm not EQing well or if you have an idea for how to improve my sets and mixes, I really want to hear it.