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Stay Together or Jump Ship...? Let's See What Mimi Says...!

Stay Together or Jump Ship...? Let's See What Mimi Says...!

While on her fiancé's family reunion cruise, a listener discovers that he was previously married and has two adult children that he hadn't told her about during their 3-year relationship. His reason for not telling her was that he didn't think it was important since the marriage ended 15-20 years ago and he is estranged from the children. She no longer feels she can trust him and asks Mimi for her perspective on the matter.

Another listener and her partner moved in together 3 months ago. While home alone one day, she heard noises and realized that her partner's mother had let herself into the house unannounced. The listener explains that she doesn't want to be disrespectful to her partner's mother, but she's not comfortable with her (or anyone) having keys to their home.
She asks for Mimi's opinion because her partner says she didn't bring it up because she didn't think it was a big deal and that her mother has keys to all her kid's homes.


Kimberly Bonner

If they were a couple comprised of a husband and wife I doubt there would be a spare key in the mother-in-laws hand.


I totally agree with your advice to the woman who found out that her fiancé has a prior marriage and 2 children that he didn't think was important to disclose. What else might be looming out there that he doesn't think is important? Being in the legal field, I can just imagine the family fighting if this man should die without a will. As to the partner's mother with a key to their home...she might walk in on something one day that she'd rather not see. Sure, let the mother have a key....but, unless she thinks there is imminent danger, that mother needs to knock first.


Mimi - love your perspective on all 3 topics. My instincts would tell me to jump ship in the first one because for me, that's something I would want to know upon entering a marriage. If there was one, who's to say there aren't more - or other things? #2 - the listener should have known about the keys and if they agree that Mom can keep the keys, there needs to be some boundaries and ground rules about when those keys can be used. #3 - the ignorance of so many of the politicians that pass these laws in the dark of night just drives me crazy sometimes. I'm convinced they are not educating themselves on both sides of the subject matter or they wouldn't feel the need to slide these bills in under the table and in a big rush. They know they are discriminating, and worst of all, they don't care. There are ways to reach a solution that would serve both sides of the issue better if they would only be willing to have the dialogue.


Great show Mimi. I have mixed feelings about HB2. I mostly disagree with the passing of the bill, but I think I understand their perspective and why they passed it.

Toka Pearson

Three great segments Mimi. In segment one, I would jump ship. He is not being honest about something. The length of time doesn't matter, he should have informed his mate of three years of his adult offspring. Seems to me he may be afraid of what his adult children may tell her about his character. I would definitely think about the situation before committing a lifetime with him. Segment two -the new partner is wrong, wrong, wrong. The key should not have been distributed without a discussion explaining the reason why her mother needs a key to her home. The listner has every right to be upset. I agree that maybe she can talk to her partner about her concers, but again something is amiss with this never should have happened. The third segment is a sore spot for me. I am a masculine centered cross dressing female, this signed bill makes me an open target to someone else's bigotry and hatred. Life is hard enough without the government making hate okay. These same people attend God's House on aregular