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Cheaters - "Double The Pleasure, Double The Problems...?"

Cheaters - "Double The Pleasure, Double The Problems...?"

Mimi, married for 7 years has dated another woman for 2 years, listener seeks advice on how to end the relationship with girlfriend who is threatening to tell the wife.

An annual physical reveals that a lesbian listener has contracted an STD. She asks Mimi how to tell her partner of 12 years that she needs to get tested, knowing it will reveal that she has cheated.

A listener's new girlfriend's adult son is flirting with her, shes seeks Mimi's advice about how to handle it with her girlfriend.

A lesbian listener received flowers at work that her partner did not send. Listen ask for Mimi suggests to resolve the rift between them.

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Tinsley Donna

I don't cheat, I don't believe in it. I love this you keep it real. Thanks sister...


Woooooo Weeeee tell them MimI! Agree Agree Agree! Keep it real! Love It


Don't cheat...problem solved. Own your stuff. Keepin it real Mimi..!

Lene Arlene

Like your comments new at this Mimi but you're right she did not get you anywhere but just trouble .


Great show Mimi. On point!! Girrrrrrl, you tore those names UP!!! lol


Hi Mimi love the segment you were right about everything you said. I was cracking up on it love you keep doing what you do peace.