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Your Voice Matters 01 Sept 2017 with Jane Green and Jilliana Ranicar-Breese

Your Voice Matters 01 Sept 2017 with Jane Green and Jilliana Ranicar-Breese

Jilliana's guest today was Jane Green, a lifelong avid fan of Elvis since the age of 5. Jane talks about Elvis's career and Gospel and Blues influences on his singing and style of music. Tracks include
'Big hunk 'o love', 'It's now or never', 'Reconsider baby', 'How great thou art', 'How the web was woven' and 'Promised land'. Jilliana read 'Hello Dolly' and Alan J Cannon was at the helm asking musical questions in lieu of SusiOddball.


Robin Photoman Ballard

Jane Green Great Talk about ELVIS THE KING

Veronica Thompson

Great interview ...Thank you Jane for putting across the real Elvis to the media ...You did him proud..

Brenny Crager

Lovely, Jane and thank you! Elvis would be so proud and so are we! Sending tons of love from Mississippi!

Sabina Leier

Thank you Jane Green for this great interview. She has a lot of knowledge about the "real" Elvis - not the Elvis what was shown as a fat Elvis in the last time of his life- what that isn't true, because he was very ill. There are three so lovely and interesting sides of Elvis from the 50 til the 70s and she discriped it so very well. Elvis was the best singer and entertainer in the 20th century. I love and appreciate her love for Elvis- love the group she is Co-Admin and her own Elvis-book group. Jane- you are amazing and love to have you as my special Elvis-friend. Your choice of Elvis songs shows us his different times in his great career in his short life-time. Thank you Jane Green.

John Mckeown

Thank you so much for having Jane Green as a guest on your show. She is a wonderful example of what it is to be an informed and articulate Elvis fan, far to seldom represented in the media who always favor the more eccentric and freakish element. Jane's love and knowledge of her subject is so evident, and she is much valued on the serious Elvis Forums because of her considered and balanced approach to the Elvis story . It is hard to emphasize enough how this entertainer and his serious fans have been demonised and ridiculed by the media over the years but finally, 40 years after his passing, a show like this has allowed for a little glimpse of the pride and pleasure TRUE fans can have, and afforded a sense of dignity to this wonderful entertainer so sadly lacking due to shoddy journalism. Listening attentively from Ireland and hoping you might consider a few follow up programs with jane exploring different and varied aspects of his career. WELL DONE AGAIN
John McKeown

Catherine Mccaig

How wonderful to finally hear someone speak positively and so knowledgeably about the greatest entertainer of all time. And not one mention of peanut butter and banana sandwiches! Thoroughly enjoyed that interview Jane Green. Thanks!

Randy Aguillard

Great job Miss Jane. You know your Elvis. As a lifelong Elvis fan from Louisiana, U.S.A., you rocked and Elvis would be proud.

Trevor O Sullivan

The show was excellent. It was nice to hear an intelligent and articulate discussion on Elvis career. The media tends to stereotype and caricature both the man and his fans. The presenters were very good in that they let Jane tell her story without pushing her toward any particular area, a refreshing change

Francesco La Mendola

Great my Dear Friend Jane, I really liked your interview and I had no doubt about your Elvis Presley culture .... You're really a big fan, my congratulations, BIG HUG AND MUCH Kisses.

Jane Green

Thanks for inviting me. So nice to be able to talk about Elvis in a positive light, as he deserves.

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