The Stars Below 10 W/ Peter Spanjer

The Stars Below 10 W/ Peter Spanjer

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The Stars Below 10 W/ Peter Spanjer

THE STARS BELOW hosted by Anne Duffau (A- - -Z) – this week, A---Z interviews Peter Spanjer @peter.spanjer
Peter Spanjer currently lives and works in London, UK. Peter graduated with a BA degree in Fashion Promotion from the University for the Creative Arts, UK in 2015 and he is currently studying for a MA in Contemporary Art Practice: Moving Image at the Royal College of Art, UK. His work is often framed around but not limited to the idea of resistance; resisting the emotional stereotypes put on black men; resisting the need to perform his blackness to others and thereby allowing room for self-exploration which he extends to an audience as a piece of visual art.
Solo exhibitions include In Order for it to Change, Screw Gallery, Leeds (2021)
Group exhibitions include The London Open 2022 (Upcoming), Whitechapel Gallery, London (2022); Testamant, CCA Goldsmiths, London
BOOK: Real Life, Brandon Taylor, 2020


Playing tracks by Blood Orange, Sade, Alpha, Keiyaa, MIKE and more.