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An ever changing love affair that rules from the centre of the Ultraworld

An ever changing love affair that rules from the centre of the Ultraworld

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You can't beat a bit of The Orb. There is a bit of Orb music for pretty much every occasion. I first came across The Orb, well it must have been just over 20 years ago. I woke up in the middle of the night with my radio still on gently in the background. It was John Peel's fault. I woke up to Minnie Riperton singing "loving you is easy because" you know the rest. I fell back to sleep before John Peel said who it was. Next day at school I asked a few friends if they knew what or who it was. No ideas. Annie Nightingale used to play "Little Fluffy Clouds" as her first song after the chart rundown on Sunday night, so I figured it might just have been the Orb I heard on that night.
So when Matt H said their was an Orb album in the local music store (bearing in mind this was Devon) I had to have it. The Orb have been there with me, and I for them ever since.
This is a little something by them for me for them. On another day I would have chosen completely different tracks. Today its these!



memories of fields,warehouses,distant summers


hah, nice story, nocturnal, subconcious, very orby... first time i heard the orbs was abot 95, 96 when older brother played me orbus terrarum and I asked myself: is it possible to records sounds like that on planet earth?
so i became an orbophile and mixcloud gives me opportunity to share this sonic deviation with other souncatchers. I put their tracks from time to time, trying to combine with artists who aren't too obvious to be listed wih the orb.
but did two mixes devoted to the orb only, here you are: and


nicely done my orbish friend, and a mix from close to my native county of Kernow :) happy days


Was down your way earlier this year as Alex Patterson was doing an Orb set at St Ives Guildhall.


Not bad, but really loved the set with Thomas Felhman at Glastonbury - The drumming was awesome. If not done so check it out on the BBC I Player.

nudeants w/mr djane

holy crud!!! this is an amazing playlist. i tried to invite people to make orbmixes on the ORB's facebook page, but got no replies (save an introduction from an amazing producer in perth, australia... ) so thrilled to see others do this too!

Panda Magic

I recently did one if you're interested . . .