Flying Feet First 13 - Clay Hickson

Flying Feet First 13 - Clay Hickson

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Flying Feet First 13 - Clay Hickson
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~ Flying Feet First ~ is a music mix series aimed at providing a curated collection of music and sounds produced by various visual artists and craftspeople. Every artists bring something different to the table.~

Clay Hickson is a freelance illustrator living in Los Angeles, CA. He is also the owner/operator of
Caboose and co-editor of The Smudge, a monthly newspaper beautifully printed on Risograph. For the first time on FFF, Clays mix is based around a central theme. Here is what Clay says: "It's a mix about American history that covers the civil war, slavery, Vietnam, civil rights, patriotism, immigration, feminism, the space program, religion, and the drug war. Enjoy!"