Wein der Woche mit Samúel Jon Samúelsson

Wein der Woche mit Samúel Jon Samúelsson

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Wein der Woche mit Samúel Jon Samúelsson
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Die Weine der Woche im Juni werden von Samúel Jon Samúelsson mit einer kosmopoliten Playlist begleitet. Samúel lebt und arbeitet in Reykjavik. Dort leitet er unter anderen eine großartige Afro-Funk Bigband, die seinen Namen trägt und auch immer wieder auf den großen Jazzbühnen des Kontinents auftritt. Zum Kennenlernen empfehlen wir sein Album 4 Hlíðar.

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Playing tracks by Tómas R. Einarsson & Eyþór Gunnarsson, Skúli Sverrisson & Óskar Guðjónsson, Kondi Band, Fabiano Nascimento and Samuel Jón Samúelson Big Band.



Hlíð means hill and is by a longtime collaborator of mine and great friend Tómas R. Einarsson wich plays the contrabass. I have traveled with him to Havana several times to record his music. This song is played by him and another friend and great musician from Iceland keyboardist Eyþór Gunnarsson.
*Riesling trocken 2018, Weingut Klaus Zimmerling
Fragments is from a favorite album of mine by skúli Sverrisson (bass) and Óskar Guðjónsson (saxophone) called boxtree
two of my favorite musicians which again happen to be good friends.
Check out their solo work and other collaborations.
*Verdelho Vinho Branco Madeirense 2018, Barbeito
Great for the bbq season :)
here is a fantastic band that i discovered when on my way to Sierra Leone a few years ago. Its a collaboration between Sierra Leonean kondi (thumb piano) player Sorie Kondi and US producer / DJ Chief Boima, who himself has Sierra Leonean roots.
the song is Yeah from their album Belle Wahallah.
*Syrah Collines Rhodaniennes Les Monestiers 2020, Domaine les Bruyères
Since this whine is from Portugal i had to find something with portogese roots and what better then something from Brasil?
Brazil-born, L.A.-based guitarist Fabiano do Nascimento is deeply rooted in Afro-Brazilian jazz, folklore, bossanova and samba. Here is a favorite song of mine from his album Danca do Tempo from 2015
*Abanico, Dão Tinto Reserva 2016, Casa da Passarella
The bonus track:
Peace is a song from my last big album 4 Hliðar that came out in 2013 and is the reason why my band was playing in Stuttgart in 2014 where we met Bernd Kreis and ended up in his graet winebar dj-ing vinyl records and drinking into the night.
One of my best nights.