WTJU Radio Celebrates 65 Years

WTJU Radio Celebrates 65 Years

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WTJU Radio Celebrates 65 Years
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WTJU Radio

April 1st, 2022. No joke - it’s the 65th anniversary of WTJU 91.1 FM. That’s 6-and-a-half decades of music across five buildings and generations of University of Virginia DJs.

Whether you’re a fan of rock, folk, jazz, or even just the unique tastes of one of our community DJs… we invite you to sit down and take a leisurely audio stroll through the history of Charlottesville’s weird public music station.

Join us on this journey of what WTJU looked like back in the day, how it evolved and impacted generations, and where it's headed next.

This documentary is produced by Aaryan Balu and hosted by Lewis Reining, with additional interviews conducted by Audrey Parks. Voices include: Rey Barry, Mike Leech, Joe Bourdow, Hal Deal, Rus Perry, Harry Sleeper, Linda Brown, Marcia Doran, Gate Pratt, John Beers, Bob Nastanovich, Cindy Gillen, and Nathan Moore.