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The horrors of the meat and dairy industry and how calf nr. 269 started a movement

The horrors of the meat and dairy industry and how calf nr. 269 started a movement

Animal rights activists in Israel have formed a movement called "269life" to campaign for an end to the horrors of the meat- and dairy industry. They emotionally connected to calf Nr. 269, who is one of many, and even went as far as having the name 269 branded onto their bodies publicly in Tel Aviv/Israel.

This interview with activist Sasha Bojor covers not only activism, why branding seems the ultimate form of compassion but also deals with culutrual sensitivites and differences and why veganism is the only way forward and more.


Jude Arsenault

Congratulations on your highly provocative campaign.Bravo!

Skye Hollywood

Delighted that this campaign has embarked with such resounding worldwide success .. the aim of solidarity & raising awareness has most certainly already begun to be achieved .. long may it continue to snowball .. WE ARE ONE .. !!

Breeda O'Mahoney

I feel so very privileged to be a part of this movement. Several members of our local animal rights group have already been tattooed. I look forward to being a part of bringing about global change for animals. End the Animal Holocaust!!!

Michele Harrod

I think this movement is fantastic. Getting my tattoo 18th December. Humans simply need to 'unlearn' the eating habits (and they are just habits) of their past, and wake up to the realities behind the scenes of the factory farms - it isn't hard, it just requires some creativity. I love my new diet, and I feel great, have lost heaps of weight, and every day, I feel good knowing that one less animal was tortured to feed me. And let's not forget - THERE ARE FORTUNES TO ME MADE IN NEW VEGAN PRODUCTS, RESOURCES AND RESTAURANTS. Because there are A LOT OF US - and we will still be spending more on food and products - so, what we are no longer giving to food companies, and make-up companies, and clothing companies who abuse animals - we will be giving to these new suppliers. Be leading edge - and be the millionaires of tomorrow - become a VEGAN supplier. And heal the planet at the same time - what a bonus!!!