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The horrors of FOIE GRAS

The horrors of FOIE GRAS

37 million geese and ducks are used and slowly, horrifically killed for a 'delicacy known as 'Foie Gras' annually, which is in essence a fatty and diseased liver. The practise of Foie Gras has been banned in 17 countries for its cruelty but the practise of force feeding geese and ducks under horrible conditions is still continuing. Wild Time talked to Fiona Munro who is doing everything in her power to fight it.


Diane Raymond

NO MORE Foie Gras for me....poor babies.....This practice MUST END...NOW would not be too soon......

Louise Guthrie

I think it is the most horrific practice ever invented by the culinary homo sapien.


I hate the factory farming of Foie Gras,,, Thank you for all you are doing to end this.. I stand with you 100% Namaste'

Robin Vanostrand

signed and sharing! <3

Robin Vanostrand

Fiona, you are an inspiration to ALOT of people! You have worked tirelessly on this horrific act of foie gras. I am proud to call you a friend!! Excellent work!

Fiona Munro

Please share, and please sign the petition! Thanks

Jonathan Field

May the banning of this barbaric practice happen across the world as soon as possible. Thank you Fiona and Thomas.

Fabienne Hendriks

Being very proud of my dear friend for speaking out on Wild Time Radio about FOIE GRAS! Much love to you Fiona!!

Ali Dolloso

We are all behind you Fiona xx

Mira Pantazopol Iordanescu

KUDOS to you Fiona for giving your heart, time, soul and voice to these poor birds who are TORTURED their entire lives, in order to satisfy the appetite of some...this is a monstruosity which should not be allowed to continue to happen in our " civilized" societies. Foie Gras should be banned in the entire world...