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Taking on Facebook - in conversation with Stephanie Stringer

Taking on Facebook - in conversation with Stephanie Stringer

Stephanie Stringer and her fellow facebook group members are taking on facebook for allowing porn, animal abuse and more to be on display, apparently without any form of supervision or filtering system. WILD TIME talked to Stephanie about their upcoming campaign to force Facebook to clean up their pages and to police their content appropriately.


Whitewolf Ara

Absolutely fantastic interview Stephanie, bloody well done girl, you are a true animal activist and such an inspiration! We need more people like you in the world, it would be a hell of a better place. Those who abuse,torture and kill animals will NEVER have any mercy on children. Well done for highlighting all forms of animal abuse from bestiality to vivisection. Thanks for being the voice for the voiceless, NEVER GIVE UP, strength in numbers and together we WILL do it.


Well I consider Facbook to a social chat site, where everyone should have the right to express their view and keep incontact with their, however lets be clear about this does not give people license or a right to abus other sor post that could be contrude as offensive to others and since some of seem to be incapable of actually showing any restraint or decorum at either posting or publishing material either as pictures or written material that could be constrood as virginingon the ofensive to all concerned, now we as should be in a sufficiently responsible attitude to inject what would be considered as reasonable behaviour for we have to look at it in this way that if wnat to us with respect then we have act accordingly and give respect towards others and their feelings and asmember if we afilto this then by posted inappropriate writtings and visual images that are offensive and we all have to be responsible for our own actions and if then we have tobe cotrolled in doing so and I can understand why Ms Stringer fomred this group hers will have to take to ensure that, as for Mr Lucas's remarks Let meask you a question, Would you prefer for Facebook to carry on as it is now or would prfer some policies put in place as a code of conduct? Because if support your form of thinking and philosopy Mr Lucas and that follow you, then there will not be a Facebook because it drive decent sensible people, away, because the decent of the wolrd won't want that kind of rubbish, which kill Facebook off. So if you wnat Facebook to close down altogether go ahead use profanity, abusive language, indecent visual material lcaed with colourful metafores. Go ahead and do that and you and your mates will kiil the service off faster than you can a cold, I'm just an average joe and don't wnat to sit here and read or look at this rubbish and we can't show control ourselves then that will have tobe done for us and I support Ms Stringer's group for having enough bottle to do so with out having to be subject to these pathetic little people tht get their joolies out of shocking other because their own lives are pathetic and useless and they crave attention

Rachel Taylor

Jason you are talking to "real" activists
Now go away and get off your ass and get yourself a job sweetie and leave this to the grown ups who actually care

Marie-france Dubois

well done Steph ! i'm proud of you hun ! and thank you Thomas for this great interview ! xxx as for you poor Jason..i smell jealousy..what is very small minded of your part.The world is very big..we need much more people like Steph who wish give their point de vue public to help animals in,on your own couldn't do much either.each of us helps to make the world a better place for the animals in our own way.but all for the same should support the event instead of talking stupidity.this only tells about who you our group even the single one who came to sign just one petition to help animals is welcome and no less of those thinking they are more then,have a nice day as well Jason.may you find people like us to support you in your fight for the animals as well if you realy do..

Cristie Nichols Torrey

Well done Stephanie! I think any form of activism for animals is a wonderful thing! Kudos to you for bringing forth this issue with facebook too.

Jill Forster

Its quite laughable really when an uneducated specimen of the human race makes comments without examining facts. Like you say Steph, best way to deal with ignorant and unimportant banter is to be non-responsive. The important factor here is that we, the educated and caring, know how hard you are working. Keep it up :)

Steph Stringer Former Howell

As I said in my interview.... Facebook is full of trolls....hes blocked us so obviously playing games......lets not feed the idiot by replying to him....

Beverley Holden

Jealousy gets you nowhere Jason...You don`t know Steph or any of us ..I don`t know you, so I would not even comment on what you do or don`t do...!! You seem to condone this disgusting behaviour on Face book then...??? How DARE you say we are a insult to Activist`s ....!!!!!!!

Jason Lucas

activists on Facebook are an insult to the authentic activists that actually get their hands dirty and take to the streets, anybody and their grandmother can be a Facebook activist. Stephanie should stop patting herself on the back!

Bethell & Hounds

Says the guy behind the keyboard, lol.