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Music for animal rights - in conversation with Paul Oakley & Major Arcana

Music for animal rights - in conversation with Paul Oakley & Major Arcana

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Paul Oakley, Rainbow and Major Arcana.

Music has often times been a tool to give a voice to the voiceless and WILD TIME talked to musicians Paul Oakley and Spain-based duo Major Arcana about their music and aims to raise awareness for animals. Also visit: and


Jennifer Connor

I love Majorarcana, their amazing activism and music A brilliant interview..xoxox

Eleish Harvey

compassion does come from your heart, our beloved animals on our planet are going through hell, trying to bring awareness to people to let them know just what the animals are going through, how they are suffering is very hard because they just don't want to know, they will say, oh that's terrible, it shouldn't be allowed, but they won't help to stop it, I have spoken to so many people about the slaughter houses, fur farms, dolphin and whale slaughter, shelter animals being gassed to death, heart sticked, dog fighting, research labs, animal testing, bull fighting, the list goes on and on, and have any of those people stopped eating meat, stopped using animal tested products, brought awareness to some one else? no they haven't, I hate walking past the meat aisle in a shop, if I have to I keep saying to the meat I am so sorry innocent one's, people need to raise their voices to speak up for the animals, we are their voice, they have only us to speak for them, people need to wake up before it is too late. wonderful interview. xx


yes, we are their voice , animal rights , love thanks