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Kangaroo killings in Australia and the efforts to stop them

Kangaroo killings in Australia and the efforts to stop them

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The Kangaroo is the national emblem of Australia but, as Carolyn Drew tells us, the Kangaroo is far from being revered. In fact quite the opposite seems to be the case. Have a listen as Carolyn tells us all about the proposed and sometimes already happening cullings/killings of Kangaroos in their native Australia.


Bernard L Brennan

Kangaroos are so unique yet Australia treats them like trash.

Yvette Hanson

I think these killings are disgusting ad it is not just the organised culls that are a problem our farmers are desecrating our wildlie night after night and are not policed. They think it is their god given right to slaughter them and they dont care how they do it. If you have a problem with shooers illegally sooting and ring the police you are told there is nothing we can do and National Parks dont care to follow up reports I dont think we will ever top the killings because most of our farmers are from a lower class that does not have much or any educational background and dont understand the studies that prove these animals are not a problem they are just bored men that think playing with guns makes them something special mabe we should boycott our frmers and only buy inported produce instead of Australian.

Colin Candy

Great comment Louise, Cheers Col.

Louise Kahj

When I was travelling on a Coach from Darwin to Cairns about 25 years ago on a coach. The driver kept running over these massive Kangaroos, they went right under us, I thought we had run over a mini minor, he kept speeding up to hit them but would slow right down for the cows. If we didn't have farmers and didn't have cattle and an over populated country that will continue to develop, the kangas would be fine. But unfortunately most People are lead to believe that they are in plague proportion. The reason why the Scientists say they are a problem is because they say the Kangaroos are wiping out certain Grasses and Moths!! This is their petty excuse.